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In 2013 we launched a mentoring scheme, in which an early-stage artist or company wanting to focus on organisational development as well as creative work is invited to join us for 12 weeks of structured support.

We offer mentoring in areas including:

- articulating/reflecting on/pushing your practice

- starting relationships with relevant UK and European contexts for your work

- business aspects of being an artist (proposal writing and funding applications, finance and budgeting, evaluation and documentation, roles and responsibilities).

This opportunity also includes a part-time desk space in our office at Toynbee Studios, a digital residency hosted on our website and a stipend.

The 2014 scheme was additionally supported by the Live Art Development Agency

Past mentees:

2014 - Lily Johnson

Since the Mentoring Scheme, Lily has been awarded an Artsadmin Bursary and started studying at Slade School of Fine Art.

2013 - Lucy Hutson

Since the Mentoring Scheme, Lucy has received her first Arts Council grant, been selected as an Escalator East supported artist, booked a first tour for her work, and been awarded an Artsadmin Bursary.
She has also developed her digital residency work into new live material for her current show.

This is a scheme which we aim to develop into a wider support model for artists in the future.

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